Globosa Nana Dwarf Cryptomeria

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 Globosa Nana Dwarf Cryptomeria

cryptomeria japonica 'globosa nana'


A superb selection that retains a neat, dense mound with little care. Bright green needle-like sprays which tend to gracefully bow over as this plant matures. Has almost a droopy, "weeping" look - yet is very dense & compact in growth, and has a rather stiff, rigid feel despite this drooping type look.. Enjoy as a single specimen or group as a filler. Fine-textured foliage breaks up the bold effects of large-leaved plants. Foliage becomes rusty red in winter. Evergreen.


Mature Height : 4-5 Feet

Mature Width : 4-5 Feet

Exposure : Full sun

Hardiness Zones : 5-9