Cascade Gold Raspberry ( rubus )

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Cascade Gold Raspberry ( rubus )

Rubus idaeus 'Cascade Gold'


It took the USDA and Washington State University two decades to develop this flavorful, widely adapted raspberry. Maturing in early main season, these large, sweet-and-tart golden berries are a taste sensation!

Cascade Gold was bred from the heirloom favorite Malling Delight. The fruit can be picked just as it turns yellow, or allowed to mature to deep gold. A nice mix of tart, juicy, and sugary, these berries are irresistible straight off the vine, as well as in jams, jellies, and pies. You can expect heavy yields every time from these widely adapted, vigorous plants!

A nice change of pace from red raspberries, Cascade Gold is disease resistant and highly versatile. You will love growing this gourmet treat!

 Mature Height : 4-6 feet

Mature Width : 3-4 feet

 Light requirements : Full sun to partial shade

 Hardiness Zones : 4-8