Daruma Dwarf Loropetalum ( chinese fringe )

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Daruma Dwarf Loropetalum

( chinese fringe )

Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum 'Daruma Compact'



Daruma Compact Loropetalum is a great Loropetalum variety with a nice, tight compact growth habit, and fairly smaller mature size - much smaller, and more compact than most all other varieties seen in the landscape trade today. It is a improved, more compact version of the original standard Ruby Loropetalum. This little gem of a shrub is covered in burgundy colored foliage, which partially matures into a nice deep dark hunter green at certain times of year. In early thru mid spring, Daruma Compact is covered in tassel like blooms that are a hot pink / fuschia color. Blooms persist on the shrub for quite a long time, and can oftentimes be followed by one or two repeated blooms at different times throughout the season....especially in early to mid fall.
Responds very well to trimming / shearing, and can be easily used as a lower growing hedge, or foundation planting in just about any situation.




Mature Height : 2-3 Feet

Mature Width : 2-3 Feet

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 7-10