Akebono Red Edgeworthia ( Paper Bush )

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Akebono Red Edgeworthia ( Paper Bush )

edgeworthia chrysantha akebono


A much sought after collector's plant for years, this exquisitely fragrant shrub offers tremendous architectural value with its multi-stemmed habit and light, cinnamon colored stems. Delivering a late winter visual delight, prominent silky white button-like buds give way to small waxy tubular blooms with luscious orange-red shades and a pleasant fragrance. The unique tightset clusters congregate on the tips of naked branches, which develop in a noteworthy open fashion. Lustrous deep green 4 in. long deciduous leaves arise from the stem apexes. A prized source for high-end paper and a Daphne relation, this Asian native’s slow growing rounded habit enjoys a partially shady somewhat moist sheltered locale,


Mature Height : 5-6 feet

Mature Width : 3-4 feet

Exposure : Full shade to partial sun

Hardiness Zones : 7-9