Blaze Improved™ Red Climbing Rose

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Blaze Improved™ Red Climbing Rose

Rosa 'Demokracie'


considered by many to be one of the best of the red climbers. This large-flowered climbing rose typically grows 8-12' tall. Features profuse clusters of fragrant, scarlet-red, double flowers (to 3.5" across). Blooms late spring to frost. Slight fragrance. Dark green foliage. Blooms on old and new wood.


Hardiness Zones : 5-9

Exposure : Full Sun to Partial Shade


Class : Climber

Color : Pure even red

Fragrance : Slight Spice

Bud Form : Fat and pointed

Flower Form : Abundant, in large clusters

Flower Size : Medium ( 3-5" )

Petal Count : 20-25

Stem Length : Medium

Plant Habit : Climbing canes 12 to 14 feet

Growth Habit : climbing and spreading

Foliage Color : Dark Green

Disease Resistance : Very Good

Hybridizer : Joseph Kallay

Parantage : Paul's Scarlet Climber x Gruss an Teplitz

Introduced By : Jackson & Perkins