White Water Pieris Japonica

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White Water Pieris Japonica

" mountain andromeda "

pieris japonica white water



A neat, compact rounded habit and lots of pure white blooms make this plant a nice selection for garden use. Asian in origin, it is a highly ornamental, slow-growing, upright to spreading evergreen shrub. The new leaves of ‘White Water’ are light green. They are elliptical and medium in size with toothed edges. The twigs are bright green to red when young and mature to dark gray mottled with silver. This early bloomer ( late winter to early spring ) bears long panicles covered with tiny white flowers. The blooms are urn or bell-shaped and dangle down from the tips of branches. Small capsule-like fruits follow the flowers and look like strings of brown beads.



Height : 6-10 Feet              Width : 6-10 Feet

Exposure : Partial sun to shade

Hardiness Zones : 5-8