Blue Moon Wisteria Vine

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Blue Moon Wisteria Vine

Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon'


Wisteria macrostachya, sometimes commonly called Kentucky wisteria, is a deciduous vine that is native to the southcentral U. S. It is a less aggressive grower than some of the other wisterias, but is well noted for its excellent winter hardiness and ability to produce flowers in USDA Zones 3-4. ‘Blue Moon’ is a cultivar that grows to 15-25’ and features 6-12” long racemes of fragrant, pea-like, blue flowers that bloom in June with 1-2 additional flushes of bloom occurring in summer. Flowers bloom somewhat simultaneously on the racemes thus producing a dramatic floral display. Flowers give way to pendant, velvety, bean-like seed pods (4-5” long) which ripen in autumn and may persist into winter. Stems twine counter-clockwise and are clad with compound, odd-pinnate, deep green leaves . Over time, the stems of this vine become twisted and trunk-like.


 Mature Height : 15-25 feet

Mature Width : 6-10 Feet

 Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness zones : 3-9