Butterfly Dwarf Upright Japanese Maple

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 Butterfly Dwarf Upright Japanese Maple

acer palmatum butterfly


‘Butterfly’ is a spectacular small, upright Japanese maple from the palmatum family that is sure to dazzle the eye.  Slow growing and often dwarf in appearance, ‘Butterfly’ has a very interesting display of leaf sizes and shapes.  Not to mention the vivid variegations and the array of colors that this tree presents. Silvery white margined green leaves cover the densely held branches and become scarlet magenta in fall. New spring growth is pink tinged. A slow-growing shrub-like tree for containers, bonsai, and Asian or small gardens. Deciduous.


Mature Height : 6-8 Feet

Mature Width : 4-6 Feet

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 6-8