Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress

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Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress

Cuppressus arizonica


Carolina Sapphire is the fastest growing conifer we've seen for making a privacy screen! Faster growing than Leyland Cypress, the Carolina Sapphire adds 3' to 5' per year and will reach a height around 40 feet. The attractive foliage is bluish-grey in color and contrasts well with plants nearby. The foliage is also extremely aromatic. Growth habit is Conical, broadly pyramidal with reddish purple flaky bark and spirally arranged blue-silver, glaucous sprays of leaves/needles. Great for use as a privacy screen, wind break, as a specimen plant, or focal point.


Mature Height : 30-40 Feet

Mature Width : 15-20 Feet

Exposure : Full sun

Hardiness Zones : 6-9