Flaming Silver Pieris Japonica

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Flaming Silver Pieris Japonica

" mountain andromeda "

pieris japonica flaming silver


Primarily grown as an ornamental plant, the Pieris Flaming silver sports many interesting features. It is perfect for the gardener looking for an unusual specimen plant for a shady corner.

Fragrant white flowers hang in bunches from 'Flaming Silver's'  eye-catching foliage. The variegated leaves appear bright red in early spring and fade to pink with silver edges. In summer, the leaves have dark green centers and white margins. By planting 'Flaming Silver' in your garden or border, you can easily have a year-round show of color in your landscape.  


Mature Height : 3-5 Feet

Mature Width : 3-5 Feet

Exposure : Partial sun to shade

Hardiness Zones : 4-8