Ghost Lady Fern ( athyrium )

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Ghost Lady Fern

Athyrium 'Ghost'


‘Ghost’ is a deciduous hybrid fern (Athyrium niponicum var. pictum and Athyrium filix-femina) that is noted for its upright silvery foliage. Silvery foliage is acquired from its Japanese painted fern parent and upright habit from its lady fern parent. It typically grows to 30” tall. It features a slowly spreading clump of fronds that are a soft grayish-green with an overlay of silvery hues accented by contrasting dark maroon midribs. Silvering is best in the spring, with fronds becoming more grayish-green as hot temperatures arrive.


Mature Height : 24-30"

Mature Width 24-30"

Exposure : Full to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 4-8