Goldfingers Mexican Orange Blossom

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Goldfingers Mexican Orange Blossom

Mock Orange

Choisya ternata 'Goldfingers'


This attractive evergreen shrub is ideal a sunny border or as a potted specimen. It has a low growing spreading habit making it ideal for covering ground. Citrus scented white blossoms are borne in spring alongside striking Golden - yellow foliage produces, which is also scented scent.  This finely cut leafed Choiysa is tender, and should be planted in a sheltered location in full sun. This variety is particularly slow growing. This shrub will flourish in most soils, as long as they are reasonably fertile and well drained.


Mature Height : 3-5 feet

Mature Width : 3-5 feet

Exposure : Full Sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 7-9