Grace Red Smokebush Tree ( cotinus )

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Grace Red Smokebush Tree

Cotinus x 'Grace'


 This cross of the European smoke bush ( C. coggygria ) and the American smoke tree ( C. obovatus ) is a gem in the garden thanks to its multiseason interest. A delightful composition of mixed textures with its feathery plumes wedged between large, six inch, obovate leaves. This plant is a vibrant wine-red when young, darkening to a plum-red at maturity. Its leaves turn brilliant orange-red in the fall. 'Grace' combines well with just about anything; asters, ornamental grasses, and Japanese maples are good places to start.


Mature Height : 10-15 Feet

Mature Width : 10-15 Feet

Exposure : Full sun

Hardiness Zones : 5-9