Easy Elegance® High Voltage Yellow Rose

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Easy Elegance® High Voltage Yellow Rose

Rosa 'BAIage' (PPAF)


The Easy Elegance Series of roses are an easy to care for shrub rose. Shockingly beautiful clusters of double yellow blossoms are held high on sturdy canes. Super clean foliage complements the fragrant blooms. Upright, vase-shaped habit will stand up in the back of the border or stand out as an accent. Own root.

High Voltage rose is one of the hardiest roses on the market today. With modern breeding techniques, you can now enjoy the classic beauty of hybrid tea roses without all of the work you remember. High Voltage Easy Elegance® rose has been specially bred to be tough and reliable without giving up the classic rose good looks. 


Mature Height : 4-5 Feet

Mature Width : 2-4 Feet

Exposure : Full sun

Hardiness Zones : 4-9


Photos provided are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily represent the exact size or shape of the plants being purchased as plant sizes are constantly changing, whether its from new growth, or after being trimmed, or from going dormant in winter. Plant sizes vary from one crop to the next and from one season to the next. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR CURRENT PLANT SIZES