Jack Frost Ligustrum ( variegated privet )

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Jack Frost Ligustrum ( variegated privet )

ligustrum japonicum jack frost


A very striking evergreen shrub that makes a wonderful hedge, and looks equally as nice all by itself as an accent planting. Very disease resistant, and thrives in a wide variety of soil conditions. Large glossy leaves are 1 1/2"-2" long and at least 1" wide - leaf color is medium green with creamy white variegated margins. Moderate growth - takes either full sun or part shade. A very versatile landscape plant for hedges, foundation plantings, topiary or screens. Hard to beat for adding form, adaptability and color contrast to the landscape.


Mature Height : 6-10 Feet

Mature Width : 6-10 Feet

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 7-11