Jubilation Gardenia

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Jubilation Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides 'Leeone'

A flowering, evergreen shrub. One would look spectacular just about anywhere in your yard, but placing one near a door or window ensures you’ll enjoy its exquisite fragrance all summer long. Your Jubilation Gardenia is as spectacular a plant as you've come to expect of Gardenias, but with some added features. This fabulous Gardenia variety features a heavy bloom in spring of pristine white, waxy-petaled blooms. Unlike some other varieties, Jubilation Gardenia provides a re-bloom throughout the summer and into fall. The delicate beauty of the flowers is only enhanced by the incredible scent, a heavy jasmine-like fragrance that is so intense it carries on the slightest breeze, and really must be experienced to be believed! As if these sterling attributes weren’t enough, Gardenia Jubilation is also cold hardy, so if you thought your climate precluded you from having a Gardenia, this variety may be for you. Jubilation Gardenia will grow up to 4 feet tall with a 3 foot spread. It has a full, compact nature that is upright and rounded, and is a relatively easy plant to care for. Jubilation has a moderate to fast growth rate, and among Gardenias, it is considered cold hardy. It doesn't require any pruning, but is amenable to it if you so desire. 


Mature Height : 3-4 feet

Mature Width : 2-3 feet

Exposure : full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones - 7-10

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