Koto No Ito ( Harp String ) Japanese Maple

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Koto No Ito ( Harp String ) Japanese Maple Tree

acer palmatum koto no ito

The name ‘Koto-no-Ito’ means “harp string”, a reference to the string-like quality of this Japanese Maple’s narrow, deeply divided leaf lobes. Acer palmatum ‘Koto-no-ito’ also has a dense, twiggy branch structure that works as the harp frame. The unique, divided leaves have a tinge of red in spring, stay green during summer and change to orange and yellow in fall. Bright green bark and a graceful, elegant form carry the show in winter. Koto no ito can take up to 80% shade

Mature Height : 8-12 Feet

Mature Width : 4 to 6 Feet

Exposure : Full sun to mostly shade

 Hardiness Zones : 2-8