Little Missy Dwarf Boxwood ( buxus )

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Little Missy Dwarf Boxwood
Buxus microphylla 'Little Missy' PP 24,703

When you want one of the best boxwoods, be smart! Buxus ‘Little Missy’ is one of the most popular and beautiful boxwoods. Small leaves, a rounded, dense habit, and glossy, dark green foliage make it unique. Little Missy is a compact mounding to rounded cultivar. It is extremely cold hardy and sun tolerant. It consistently ranked high in resistance to Boxwood Blight in a 2020 USDA analysis, making it a smart choice in any landscape to create structure and style!

Mature Height : 2-3 Feet
Mature Width : 2-3 Feet
Exposure : Full sun to shade
Hardiness Zones : 5-9