Mardi Gras Rhododendron

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Mardi Gras Rhododendron

yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' X 'Vanessa'


One of the first yak hybrids, this is still an outstanding variety. Bright reddish-pink buds emerge in early to mid-May and open to trusses of 3" wide white flowers with pink highlights and blooms young. It has dark green leaves with tan indumentum underneath. A compact grower that is also sun tolerant. The flowers appear in clusters about 5 inches in diameter, quite large given the compact size of this shrub. Expect them to reach their glory in late spring in most climates. All we can say is:It is an unforgettable show.


Mature Height : 3-4 Feet

Mature Width : 4-5 Feet

Exposure : Full to partial Shade

Hardiness Zones : 5-8


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