Montgomery Red Astilbe ( false spirea )

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Montgomerey Red Astilbe ( false spirea )

astilbe montgomery


‘Montgomery’ is a perennial with deep red flowers with dark red-bronze spring foliage. Flowers
contrast with the glossy foliage that turns darker green during the season. Plant in groups for maximum impact. In order to keep Astilbe looking good for the next year, do not cut it back in the winter, (the old foliage helps protect the plant from winter damage), but prune in early spring. Astilbe can be used as cut flowers, perennial borders or shade gardens with Hostas and Ferns. Astilbe is considered to be deer resistant and will attract hummingbirds.


Mature Height : 24-30"

Mature Width : 18-24"

Exposure : Full shade to filtered sun

Hardiness Zones : 4-9