Oak Leaf™ Holly Tree ( ilex conaf )

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Oak Leaf™ Holly Tree

ilex conaf



'Conaf', commonly known by its trade name of OAK LEAF, is part of the Red Holly Series of hybrid hollies. OAK LEAF shows conical growth when young, but matures in upright pyramidal form to 15-20' tall with a 12-15' spread. It is particularly noted for its upright pyramidal form, oak-shaped leaves with unusual leaf serrations, and attractive orange-red fruits. New growth emerges bronze to burgundy red (characteristic of all Red Holly Series cultivars), but matures to emerald green. Small, creamy yellow/white, slightly fragrant flowers bloom in clusters from the leaf axils in spring (March to May). Flowers, if pollinated, give way to a profuse crop of berries (3/8” diameter) which mature to orange-red in fall.



Mature Height : 15-20 Feet

Mature Width : 12-15 Feet

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 6-9