Olympian Fig ( ficus carica )

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Olympian Fig

ficus carica

Introduced in 2014, the Olympian Fig produces truly huge, as large as a tangerine, purple skinned fruit with a very sweet red to purple flesh. Its cold hardy breba crop can ripen as early as May and is known to withstand temperatures into the teens. The plant itself is hardy down to zero degrees once well established even though it will freeze to the ground only to return in the spring and bear a crop of fruit the following summer. 

The Olympian Fig was discovered in Olympia, Washington by Denny McGaughy and is a choice variety for cool climates as well as warmer regions. Withstanding the test of time this is actually an heirloom that had been growing in a protected site for over 100 years. Olympian was confirmed to be a distinct cultivar via DNA testing when compared with the 270 varieties at the USDA ARS Germplasm Repository in California.

Fig trees do best where they get at least 8 hours of direct sun per day. Once well established they are fairly drought tolerant but extended dry periods can cause leaf and fruit drop as well as early dormancy. A deep organic mulch will help to alleviate extremes in moisture levels, reduce nematode issues, as well as to reduce competition from weeds.

Mature Height : 8-10 feet

Mature Width : 8-10 feet

 Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

 Hardiness Zones : 6-9

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