Orange Flowering Fragrant Tea Olive (osmanthus)

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Orange Fragrant Tea Olive

osmanthus f. aurantiacus

Evergreen Asian shrub that can become almost tree-like in mild climates. The leaves are about 3 inches long with small marginal teeth. It is highly prized in southern U.S. gardens for the deliciously fragrant flowers which are light to bright orange. This variety is exceptionally heavy blooming. It is more cold hardy than the species, tolerating temperatures down to -8 °F with little damage. Blooms in the fall. Great for use as a fragrant evergreen hedge, in large containers near entrances and doorways, or as specimen plants in the landscape


Mature Height : 8-10 feet

Mature Width : 3-4 feet

  Exposure : Full Sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones 6-9