Ouachita Thornless Blackberry ( rubus )

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Ouachita Thornless Blackberry

rubus ouachita


Ouachita produces large, firm, sweet berries on thornless canes that have a very vigorous, upright, and erect growth habit. It has compact laterals with large, attractive white flowers, and it has a long ripening period (~ 5 weeks) that typically falls between that of Arapaho and Navaho. The deep blue to black, shiny fruit can easily be harvested in the home garden because no trellises are needed for this erect growing variety. The post-harvest fruit storage and handling potential, as well as the overall flavor profile of Ouachita is extremely good, rivaling that of the top-rated Navaho - with the notable difference being that Ouachita requires less than half the chill hours that Navaho requires. So, Ouachita can be grown with greater success in areas that typically have milder climates, that may be less than conducive to maximizing fruit output with other varieties. The bottom line: Ouachita is a hardy, heavy producer, requiring fewer chill hours for ideal fruit production. You will come to rely on it for the loads of delectable berries it will provide. Of course, it is delicious when eaten fresh - but, it is also super for a wide variety of desserts, pies, jellies, and jams!

Ouachita is a sun-loving, self-pollinating floricane, and it appears to be resistant to Double Bloom-Rosette disease. It is easy to grow, and overall, it is a very solid garden performer!

 Mature Height : 3-4 feet

Mature Width : 3-4 feet

 Light requirements : Full sun to partial shade

 Hardiness Zones : 3-9


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