Pat Ryan Deciduous Aromi Azalea

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Pat Ryan Deciduous Aromi Azalea
Rhododendron hybrid 'Pat Ryan'

With gorgeous flowers that light up and fill the garden with a wonderful spicy aroma, the Pat Ryan Aromi Azalea is a deciduous Aromi hybrid that produces abundant clusters of fire-red buds that open to exquisite, large, spicy-sweet scented flowers with ruffled, multi-color petals in shades of peach, pink, orange and golden yellow. Heat and humidity tolerance, vigor, fragrance, and unique color all come together for an absolutely stunning color display and delicious aroma in the spring garden

Mature Height : 6-8 Feet
Mature Width : 4-6 Feet
Exposure : Full sun to partial shade
Hardiness Zones : 6-9