Patti Faye Deodar Cedar Tree

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Patti Faye Deodar Cedar Tree

Cedrus deodara patti faye


Patti Faye is a wonderful introduction from a nursery in Mobile that has shown excellent heat tolerance on a tree with beautiful steel-blue foliage. While most Deodar Cedars have pendulous branches, Patti Faye has a unique horizontal branching habit and foliage color similar to the Blue Atlas Cedar with an almost perfect Christmas tree shape with no pruning necessary. Her new needles emerge a silvery-grey color turning to a rich blue green. A classic conifer with outstanding performance all across zone 7 and south to zone 10, Patti Faye loves the sun and is exceptionally low maintenance and drought tolerant, but give her plenty of room to grow as she tops out at 50 feet or more in height and 20 feet or more wide. Ideal for use as a specimen or in privacy screen plantings. A fast growing selection that is deer resistant and drought tolerant. Great for use as a large specimen plant, as a screen or privacy fence or as a focal point in your landscape.

Mature Height : 40-50 feet

Mature Width : 20-25 feet

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness zones : 7-10

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