Pink Popcorn® Blueberry

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Pink Popcorn® Blueberry



A big pop of flavor from an unusual pink blueberry! Exciting novelty color and delicious fruits! Blueberries are exceptional landscape plants! 'Pink Popcorn®' grows as a compact, vase-shaped bush that can be grown in a whiskey barrel or used as a decorative hedge. This hardy blueberry grows as a compact bush, bearing pink berries with a darker blush and true blueberry flavor. 'Pink Popcorn®' produces white flowers and dark red fall foliage, making it an excellent ornamental accent for the landscape. The fruit is perfect for pies, sauces, garnishes, or enjoying straight from the garden! Sometimes called "the world's healthiest food", blueberries are packed with antioxidants. 'Pink Popcorn®' is self-pollinating, so you can harvest fruit with only one plant! 'Pink Popcorn®' can bear up to 20 pounds of berries per bush! Its medium-sized fruits ripen in summer and make a delicious fresh snack.


Mature Height : 4-5 Feet

Mature Width : 4-5 Feet

Exposure : Full Sun

Hardiness Zones : 3-7

Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade'

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