Seemannii Evergreen Climbing Hydrangea

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Seemannii  Evergreen Climbing Hydrangea

hydrangea seemannii


Hydrangea seemannii is native to cloud forests of the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. The extensive shade makes climbing to sunlight imperative. This hydrangea may have two types of growth patterns. If planted free standing, it can grow either as a bush or a vine. If there is support nearby, its long shoots reach out for something to hold on to, and it develops into a vine. Lovely, evergreen climber with eye-catching flowers that is remarkably hardy considering it was introduced to the United States from Mexico. Hydrangea seemanii  has dark green, leathery leaves. Once established it develops large, very pretty, lace-cap, creamy-white flowers in late summer. Hydrangea seemanii  is a fantastic choice of climber for a shady position or wall, including north facing sites and other difficult areas!


Mature Height : 15-20 Feet

Mature Width : 3-6 feet

Exposure : shade to partial sun

Hardiness Zones : 7 - 11