Tri Color Asian Jasmine Vine

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 Tri Color Asian Jasmine Vine

trachelospermum asiaticum 'Tricolor'


 A self-climbing or sprawling woody vine that works beautifully as a groundcover, the Tricolor Asiatic jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Tricolor') is also called the variegated jasmine. Lacking visually stunning flowers, its pink-and white-blushed foliage draws all the attention. 'Tricolor' bears small oval leaves with a glossy finish. Leaves range in color from white to pink, maturing with more deep green coloration, especially those shaded from light or on older parts of the vines. New foliage emerges nearly pure white with pink blush and occasional green speckles. In the chill of fall and winter the pink tones deepen to rosy red and burgundy. Vining stems that grow upright may produce tiny light yellow flowers in summer that release a delicious fragrance.

'Tricolor' makes an exceptionally ornamental ground cover in mild winter regions, as the blushing white, pink, rose and green foliage adds visual interest year round. Although the vines do not flower if growing prostrate ( flat on the ground ), training the vine upwards onto a post, gate or fence allows a perfume to grace the landscape in summer.


Lenght of each stem can reach 6-10 Feet 

( If used as a ground cover the height will usually be about 6-10 inches off the ground )


Exposure : Full sun to partial shade ( more shade needed in zones 10-11)


Hardiness zones : 7b-11


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