Welch's Pink American Beautyberry

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Welch's Pink American Beautyberry

Callicarpa americana welch's pink


'Welch's Pink' has pastel pink fruits and does not get quite as large as the purple type. Otherwise, cultural conditions are the same - sun to light shade, average to moist soil, drought tolerant once established. If brilliant purple isn't your color preference, then 'Welch's Pink' is the beautyberry for you. This variation of our native beauty berry has pink fruits in bunches held tightly around the stems. It is one of the showiest varieties and the berries color early in the fall. Beautyberry plants are said to bear more fruit if several are planted together.


Mature Height : 3-5 Feet

Mature Width : 3-5 Feet 

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 7-9