White Pampas Grass ( cortaderia selloana )

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White Pampas Grass

Cortaderia selloana


Beautiful, tall Pampas Grass grows to a height of 6-8' and is topped with showy, silky 18-24" plumes in mid to late summer. Pampas Grass is a magnificent addition to landscapes where a natural look is desired. Also works well to fill in areas where soil is poor, or other options have failed. Grows in large mounds, or clumps. Grass blades are evergreen in most locations, and have a very sharp, serrated edge to them. It is very adaptable, and can withstand a wide variety of soils, and environmental situations. A favorite for drying— adds grace, texture and height to indoor arrangements. Also great for use as a windbreak, screen, around ponds and streams, or as a specimen plant.


Mature Height : 6-8 Feet

Mature Width : 6-8 Feet

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 7-10