Grandmas Blessing Easy Elegance Rose

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Grandmas Blessing Easy Elegance Rose

Rosa 'BAIing' PP16,993


The Easy Elegance Series of roses are an easy to care for shrub rose. Decidedly the most fragrant rose in the Easy Elegance® Collection, Resembling a hybrid tea, with large, full, dusty-pink blossoms, this beauty is so sweet we named it after Margaret 'Grandma' Bailey. Grandma's Blessing has a symmetrical, vase-shaped form and dark-green, disease-resistant foliage. Stunning color combines beautifully with many perennials. Also makes an elegant low hedge. Crown hardy in zone 4 with winter protection


Mature Height : 3-5 Feet

Mature Width : 3-5 Feet

Exposure : Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness Zones : 5-9