Julia Child™ Floribunda Rose

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Julia Child Floribunda Rose

'Wekvossutono' PP 18,473


It's appropriate that our Floribunda Rose Julia Child™ has buttery bold blooms and a licorice-clove fragrance its namesake would have loved in the kitchen. This 2006 All-America Rose Selections® winner produces very full blooms through the better part of 5 months, which makes it a compelling possibility for containers in warmer climates. Consistent, hardy & floriferous in all climates. Very disease resistant.

Floribunda roses are a favorite for the garden because they offer good disease resistance and produce clusters of flowers all summer long

The basic needs of Roses, Give them 6 hours or more of direct sun per day and fertile, reasonably moist soil.


Class : Floribunda

Color : Warm golden yellow

Fragrance : Fragrant

Bud Form : Pointed & full

Flower Form : Old-fashioned, very full

Flower Size : Medium, up to 3½ inch diameter

Petal Count : Over 35

Stem Length : Medium

Plant Habit : Medium-low

Growth Habit : Very rounded, bushy

Foliage Color : Bright super-glossy green

Disease Resistance : Excellent

Hybridizer : Tom Carruth

Parantage : [(Voodoo x R. soulieana derivative) x Summerwine] x Top Notch

Introduced By : Weeks Roses

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